Special valves


o Fabricated construction
o Minimizing of heat loss of process temperature due to optimized thermal insulation of body, bonnet (uncooled) and paddle
o Thermal insulation comprising various materials
o Optimization of thermal insulation, allowing for water cooling of only the body seats and paddle
o Sealing in both directions, floating paddle design
o Valve actuation in accordance with customer’s requirements (man./electr./hydr./pneum.)

o Pressure rating up to PN 6
o Service temperatures up to 1650 °C (3000 °F)
o Nominal diameters up to 3000 mm (120 inch)
o Other sizes or operating conditions on request


o Considerable reduction of required quantity of cooling water (also during emergency operation)
o Extended operational life of the valve due to increased thermal insulation, reducing thermal stresses to the valve
o No deposits in cooling water channels
o Due to optimized design valve is easily maintained
o Reduced operating costs due to:
o reduction in amount of cooling water